About Us

Who We Are

Rotiparantha.com is the brainchild of a group of entrepreneurs from India, who have traveled the globe and missed the authentic bread made in their homes. Our team comprises of people who are passionate about cooking and those who have an acute marketing sense. Both these talents have come together to create a successful business model for us. Our aim is to give a tingle to the taste buds of people who appreciate Indian cuisine and want to taste the best of its basic food items in a number of styles.

Our Specialty

  • We specialize in serving perfect Indian breads to people across the world. Be it a simple roti or chapatti, or intricately made paranthas that come in varied styles and flavors, our breads are prepared with absolute dedication. While preparing curries is somewhat easy, it is not so with breads. It is like an art to prepare perfect fresh rotis that melt in your mouth and make every meal special. We have practiced and perfected this art over the years, while making innovations all the time to bring to you a basket full of flavors.
  • Being in the business of offering food, we always focus on maintaining the highest level of hygiene at every stage of cooking. Be it preparing the dough, shaping the rotis, or baking them, we make sure that only the best of fresh ingredients are used and our equipment is clean. Our kitchens are known to be one of the cleanest. Thus, you can be sure of high quality when you order food from us.
  • Unlike other food delivery services, we deliver what we promise to you. At rotiparantha.com, you do not order a simple chapatti or stuffed parantha, but order a basket of health, taste, flavors, and love. We prepare every piece of bread with love and dedication. This is the reason we are able to pass on our love to you in the form of divine food.
  • We not only cook and deliver high-quality food, but also reach you timely with fresh and warm breads that you would cherish for long.

Our Team

We have a strong team of foodies and food enthusiasts who constantly put in their hard work and creativity in coming up with heavenly delights for other foodies. Our professional chefs are trained and experienced in creating mouthwatering foods, and they have worked with Indian cuisine for long. Thus, they know what is preferred in every home of India when it comes to the food basics.

As rotis and paranthas are the essentials for foodies, our chefs have mastered the art of preparing these items perfectly. They have come up with a range of assorted paranthas so every client of ours can find something special for their taste and food interest. Our customer service team is also constantly available to help you make a good choice of breads and fulfill your orders successfully.

Associate with Us

As we are looking towards expansion, we would welcome people who want to join us as franchise. If you want to be a part of the most successful bread business, then just give us a call and we will find a suitable role for you. You may also submit your questions here.