Our Divine Offerings

Welcome to the world of home-delivered fresh rotis and paranthas. For all those who go tired after a day’s work or have no time to cook, rotiparantha.com has offerings that will make you enjoy home-style flatbreads in the comfort of your home. People who are used to the subtle savor of Indian breads cooked in their homes will also find the same flavor, taste, and aroma in our divine offerings we deliver to them.

In fact, our delectable rotis and paranthas are great for those who find it difficult to cook these items at home. While it may be a hassle for you to prepare chapattis and other breads in your kitchen, we promise that it will never be hassling to order these delights from us. Our cooking process is completely clean and hygienic, while we prepare healthy breads for you. We deliver fresh and tasty Indian flatbreads straight to your door, on time, every time.

The Preparation and Essence of Rotis

As we know, India is home to many types of flatbreads. The simplest among them is, of course, the unpretentious roti. Rotis are made of whole-meal flour or atta, as Indians call it. To make rotis at rotiparantha.com, we only use the flour that is made of the best-quality wheat grains picked straight from the wheat farms. These flatbreads called rotis are served with nearly every meal in nothern and western India, and these are often eaten thrice a day.

Rotis are made from dough that is prepared by adding a little water to atta or flour, which is further rolled into a thin, flat disc and cooked on a dry iron skillet. For the uninitiated, a roti can be thought of as something that is used similar to spoons in India! You tear a piece of roti, fold it like a cone, and use it to scoop up a portion of food. While it is the usual style of Indians to eat rotis, you can also dip its bites in your favorite curry and have it. In India, rotis are mostly had with cooked lentils or cooked vegetables, as well as with hung curd or raita (a form of spiced curd).

You will be both intrigued and delighted by the multiple popular variations of roti that rotiparantha.com has on offer for you. While we bring variations to its shape, size, and cooking style, we maintain the authentic essence of this wonderful and fulfilling Indian bread. You will simply admire the enhancements we do to a humble roti. We prepare healthy rotis that are also suitable for consumption by elderly and kids. In fact, our plain rotis can be
safely consumed by patients. You can place a special order with us if you want rotis for patients with heart diseases or diabetes. We can prepare soft rotis accordingly.

The Preparation and Essence of Paranthas

Paranthas are a more extravagant variation of rotis. Similar to a roti, a parantha also uses whole wheat flour or atta that is kneaded using water to make dough. The dough is further rolled into a disk that is slightly thicker than a roti, and then cooked on a dry iron skillet. Paranthas can be made using plain wheat-flour dough or from dough to which spices like carom seeds are added. Some people also like paranthas made of dough containing a portion of thickened cooked lentils of their preference. While you may have never known, there also exist sweet paranthas that either use sweet stuffing or are coated with sweet syrup.

Paranthas are sometimes stuffed with different grated vegetables, such as potatoes, cauliflowers, radishes, greens, or the Indian cheese called paneer. Indians love their paranthas, and many restaurant chains in the country specialize in making paranthas. Delhi has the famous Paranthe Wali Gali, which translates to the lane of parantha makers. At rotiparantha.com, we offer a range of awesome, exotic, and mouthwatering plain and stuffed paranthas that will leave you longing for more.

We urge you to try out our delivery services for rotis and paranthas. Our sophisticated packaging methods combined with our delightful recipes guarantee to satisfy your taste buds. With our divine offerings, we never let you miss the food cooked at your home. To get detailed information on our range of offerings, simply send us your query here.