The Origin of Paranthas

Paranthas are a mouthwatering version of rotis. This type of flatbread has its origins in the north of the Indian subcontinent. North Indians are very fond of paranthas in their traditional style, which are created by making the layers of dough and cooking on a griddle. Ghee or oil is also used during its preparation. To make paranthas healthier, some people also bake it in a clay oven or tandoor. However, healthy people prefer to eat them with white butter on top.

Plain and Stuffed Parantha Varieties

This unleavened Indian flatbread is cooked in several different ways, but its most common form is plain parantha prepared similar to rotis on an iron skillet. However, layering them or mixing vegetables or spices in their dough makes tastier paranthas. For stuffed paranthas, grated vegetables are added to the rolled dough and its edges are sealed to roll the stuffed dough again. This rolled flatbread is then cooked on a skillet using ghee or oil. Cooked paranthas go very well with a chutney, pickle, ketchup, curd, lentils, and even cooked vegetables and curries.

Paranthas are prepared in many styles and geometrical shapes. They not only look appealing, but also taste delicious. While rotis serve as an accompaniment to your dishes, paranthas do the same and can even be eaten as snacks over tea or consumed on their own with just pickle or curd. Stuffed hot paranthas are the choice of millions of people, especially during the rainy or cold season when they long for something crispy and tasty. However, many people have plain or carom seeds paranthas for their daily breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

There is no end to the varieties of paranthas that you can try. It is tough to get satiated with so much choice available for your taste buds. A parantha is such a variety of Indian bread that is fried after being baked. Depending on the filling that it has, it can be deep-fried in a wok or shallow-fried in a pan. You can opt for lachha paranthas (flatbreads with layers) or stuffed paranthas on You may also choose your filling out of the following:

  • Aalu (potato) parantha
  • Gobhi (cauliflower or cabbage) parantha
  • Mirchi (chili) parantha
  • Pudina (mint) parantha
  • Paneer (cottage cheese) parantha
  • Dhaniya (cilantro) parantha
  • Matar (peas) parantha
  • Gud (jaggery) parantha
  • Dry fruit (almond, cashew nut) parantha
  • Methi (fenugreek) parantha
  • Dal (pulses) parantha
  • Corn parantha
  • Coconut parantha
  • Egg parantha
  • Chicken parantha

All our paranthas are delivered steaming hot and the fragrance is simply irresistible. We serve paranthas with curd, white butter, and pickles. However, you can pair them up with any vegetarian or non-vegetarian dish of your choice. To know more about us or our offerings, simply contact us by submitting your query here.