Every individual deserves the basic bread. Even if one does not know how to cook, we never let one sleep hungry. With this basic goal, we started our portal that offers home-style food on order. Whether one needs to feed his/her family or send a basket of breads to a loved one living far away, it can all be done through Roti is the daily bread for most Indians. The simplest form of roti is the one that is prepared in homes every day, though there are variations to its preparation methods. Moreover, there are several types of rotis that can be ordered from There is one for every palette. Choose from our basket of soft yet crispy and nutritious rotis and make your meal complete:

    Tandoori Roti: Apart from the plain roti made on skillet, tandoori roti is the simplest form of roti, made in a clay oven or tandoor. It is one of the most popular India breads made of whole-wheat flour.
  • Makki/Makai Roti: The flour of corn or makki/makai is used to make this delicious roti, popularly enjoyed with sarson ka saag or spinach curry and lots of white butter. This type of bread comes from Punjabi cuisine in India.
  • Kashmiri Roti: Known as ‘phush’ roti in the local language, Kashmiri roti is a layered roti that unravels the flavors of saffron and Kashmiri red chili. With aromatic spices, Kashmiri roti becomes so delicious that it can even be had on its own. Else, it can be had with apple chutney or cooked potato vegetable.
  • Missi Roti: This bread hails from the state of Rajasthan, and it is prepared with gram flour dough blended with herbs, spices, and oil. This type of roti should be enjoyed fresh from the oven. It can be best had with pickle and curd.
  • Rice Roti: Rice roti is a blend of North Indian and South Indian cuisines. This bread is prepared from rice powder dough. It can be had with tomato chutney. This thin and crispy flatbread can be had for breakfast or lunch.
  • Rava Roti: Rava roti is a slightly hard-crusted chapatti that is made from rava or suji, a type of semolina. The grainy feel of it will add a crunch to your meal. Usually, some grated vegetable like carrots, curry leaves, green chilies, and yogurt are added to semolina while preparing it to cook on a griddle.
  • Khamiri Roti: Khamiri roti comes from the royal Mughlai cuisine prevalent in Lucknow, India. When flour is mixed with the right quantity of yeast (khamir), it gives a fluffy and light-as- a-feather feel. Such is the feel that you get out of khamiri roti. It is leavened bread that is thick and spongy. You can get a heavenly taste when you pair up this roti with cooked black lentils and yogurt.
  • Rumali Roti: A pleasure to serve and delightful to eat, these rotis are as thin as a handkerchief or tissue. Thus, they are named rumali rotis, after rumal (the Indian word for handkerchief). You can never have enough of these see-through rotis. Rumali roti is best had with tandoori dishes. While it is a part of Punjabi cuisine in India, it is equally popular in Punjab, Pakistan.
  • Plain Kulcha: This cousin of the traditional roti is a bit thicker, and it originates from
    the states of Punjab and Delhi. Kulcha is usually cooked in clay oven/tandoor or gas oven. It is one of the most sought-after breads in India. Plain kulchas make a great combination with chickpeas curry, along with pickle, green chutney, and onion salad.
  • Stuffed Kulcha: There are variations to a kulcha, wherein it is stuffed with cottage
    cheese, mixed vegetables, and even chicken. Tell us your preference and we will prepare a customized kulcha for you. You can have a stuffed kulcha on its own or with pickle or chickpeas curry.
  • Butter Naan: The melt-in- your-mouth bread, made with white flour blended with milk and ghee, is called butter naan. It is another cousin of the traditional roti. Served in two or three pieces with butter melting on top, it is a perfect accompaniment to any dish. It is mostly had with chickpeas curry or paneer gravy.
  • Garlic Naan: Garlic naan is soft bread with a flavor of garlic that is blended smoothly with the dough while making the naan. Garlic naan is topped with cilantro and white sesame seeds. While it is made in a clay oven, it can also be made on stovetop. It is served with butter on top. You can have it with chickpeas curry or any other cooked spicy vegetable.
  • Onion Naan: Super-finely chopped onions are mixed with a dash of ginger and chili flakes to make that perfect spicy naan for those who love hot foodstuff. Onion naan can be had with even pickle and chutney.

While we prepare all types of rotis for you, which one are you craving for? Remember, we deliver rotis fresh and hot to your doorstep. Whether it is hot or cold weather outside your home, you can feel refreshed and charged up inside by having your favorite breads over tea or meal. You may even use our rotis as wraps for your favorite foodstuff. You can also choose to order a mixed basket with an assortment of chapattis. Just select your bread and
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