Tasty Paranthas

Why Have Paranthas

Indian food has a very rich tradition, and the diversity of this huge country brings a glut of variety to food lovers. As India is divided into states, every state has developed a peculiarity in its language, traditions, clothing, and even foodstuff. Traveling across the nation gives a wonderful experience of mouthwatering dishes that compete with each other in taste and aroma. Punjab is one of the most popular states for finger-licking food, especially tasty paranthas. Paranthas have originated from Punjab, and now, these are popular across the world. These paranthas are generally homemade, but now days, you can also find delicious paranthas being sold in the market at food joints and restaurants.

While you must try the unique and appealing taste of this Indian bread, you must also gain the benefits it offers you. As against all other breads made of refined flour, paranthas are made of healthy wheat flour, and sometimes, of corn flour or gram flour. At rotiparantha.com, we even make it healthier by using less oil while shallow frying it after baking. Most types of paranthas do not even need to be shallow fried and can be fried very lightly on the skillet itself. Thus, rotis and paranthas are always a better option than consuming white bread or other similar types of breads on a routine basis. When you get the taste, flavor, and health together, there is no point in not giving a try to such a beautiful and heavenly creation.

Frozen versus Fresh Paranthas

Other than the ready-made paranthas being served in hotels and restaurants, frozen paranthas are also available in big shopping malls. These are ready-to- eat paranthas, and you need to heat them in a microwave oven or use a hot plate for them. On slight heating, these paranthas become crisp, and fresh to consume. Many people buy them in stacks, and these ready-to- eat paranthas are especially popular among the younger generation. Students, single parents, and bachelors take the maximum advantage of frozen paranthas. They can be consumed with tangy pickles and a bowl full of creamy curd or yogurt. Paranthas are a complete food with several nutrients.

On the other hand, frozen or semi-cooked paranthas available in the market may not give an authentic taste that a freshly made parantha can provide. While the process of making different types of paranthas is not very simple, you also stay limited to plain and spiced paranthas when you buy them frozen. In fact, heating and reheating can kill their nutrition too. When you buy ready-to- cook items, you just get the stuffing to make paranthas and not the freshly made stuffed paranthas. Thus, it is always beneficial and healthier to go for paranthas that are instantly made at the time when you have to eat them. At rotiparantha.com, we always strive to prepare healthy food that is delivered without any freezing or reheating. We cook paranthas with fresh ingredients and prepare them on order so they can reach you without losing their taste, crispness, freshness, and health benefits.

Order Your Fresh Paranthas Quick and Easy

If you also do not like frozen paranthas and still want to enjoy them ready-made, then there is always an option of ordering paranthas online. Many websites are available now days to take your order and send tasty paranthas right at your doorstep. For instance, you may log on to our website http://www.rotiparantha.com/ and place your order immediately. You will find a huge variety of paranthas with us that are a heavenly delight for any foodie. All types of plain and stuffed paranthas are provided by us with a combination of tasteful supplements. Indian paranthas are superb in taste and an ecstasy when you enjoy them crisp and melting in your mouth.

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